Poker Strategy: We Underrep Our Straight

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In this hand we turn a straight, but pick up a tell from our opponent and decided to underrep our hand. How would you play this spot?

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Poker Strategy: We Underrep Our Straight

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: We Underrep Our Straight

  1. Those who advocate for a turn raise are simply scared money preferring to win right then vs hoping to get value from bluffs

  2. To me the call by UTG on the turn looks very much like a JJ, possibly two pair or a hearts/combo draw. Would it not be beneficial to raise as there a bunch of value to be gained from those types of hands as they can draw to full houses or flushes and are likely to call even with the one liner out there?

  3. i think i'd c/r on the turn because of all the scare cards that could come out on the end making it hard to get value from 2-pair or sets …at least one villain must have two pair or a set here, eh, maybe they both do.

  4. more great work by Bart. thank you sir!

    by the way, i might be playing in El Lay before the end of the year…if i see you i want your autograph! would you mind?

  5. I think, this is very well played by Hero. Its near impossible to get more than 1 street of value, when there is 4 to a straight, because even a blind person can see that. Also we were behind to KT, and if a turn raise only gets action from KT, hands we chop with and sets trying to fill up, then its not really a good value raise. I am not folding either though, because while the board pair on the end sort of suck, Villain could at least still be betting with hands, we chop with, or he could be on some sort of crazy bluff.

  6. Wish I'd seen this closer to the time it happened. I was there that weekend, and the 2-5 games were soft as hell. I don't think I was in this hand though.

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