Uncovering Two of the Most Important Live Poker Secrets

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In this video, we’re going to uncover two hidden poker secrets that will help you become a better live poker player.

You won’t believe how easy it is to learn these two techniques and how they can dramatically change your poker game. If you’re looking to take your live poker game to the next level, then this is the video for you!

0:00 — Intro and Setup
2:00 — Preflop
4:00 — Flop
5:38 — Turn
9:55 — River
11:25 — Secret #1 Bluff efficiency paradox
13:12 — Result
13:21 — Secret #2 River calling frequencies after passive flop play
16:10 — NYC Private Game Discussion

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Uncovering Two of the Most Important Live Poker Secrets

10 thoughts on “Uncovering Two of the Most Important Live Poker Secrets

  1. That's my new ZV-E10 camera. Got it finally set up! Also make sure you stick around for the NYC private game discussion starting at 16:10.

  2. I did not understand how "the rock" worked.

    I'd fold pre against a cold 4bet pre. But I liked how hero played it postflop.

  3. The bluff was great, but it seems to me villain checked back the flop for pot control. I do not think leading the turn is going to get him off of anything ever, and this bluff is so played specific It's pretty high risk. I like it, just make sure you know your opponent can fold.

  4. Why even call this hand? It's a stupid bluff that got rewarded because other player is stupid too, to think it was a good move???

  5. Some clarification on what the "rock" is.

    The rock is basically a randomized straddle. It's generally put into the first pot of the first shuffle. The winner of the first pot gets the "rock". The Rock is worth whatever amount the house/floor deems it to be – usually 10, 15, 20, 25 etc. The player that has the rock must put it out when they are either UTG, or on the BTN and it is treated as if a player was actually straddling to that amount. When the rock is in play, the winner of the hand will collect the pot and the rock as well and now must use it for their UTG or BTN straddle.

  6. What am I missing here? Why on god's green earth would BTN fold J8 in this game (based on how Hero described it)?? Snap call. Fist pump.

  7. I got offered to play in NYC a home game 13 1000$ cap with a 10%rake UpTo 25$ does it make sense to play this game?

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