Poker Strategy: We Turn Top Set in a 3 Bet Pot 300BB Deep

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In this hand we just call a 3 bet with AA 300BB deep and we turn a set. Bart and the caller discuss the best way to get value preflop and postflop.

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Poker Strategy: We Turn Top Set in a 3 Bet Pot 300BB Deep

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: We Turn Top Set in a 3 Bet Pot 300BB Deep

  1. Really disagree the check on the flop. This is a great board that looks like a good hand might have missed and you will c bet almost 100% of the time.

  2. These min-raises….is this ever a bluff? It seems like it is not going to get a fold, so only for value. Should you min-raise bluff to balance range? or is the question they should be asking themselves just whether I have trips or just two pair?

  3. Claims, "I been raising to $25 consistently all day". Minutes later, "I've only been at the table for half hour".
    Terrible spot to flat the 3bet pre when this deep-stacked combined with the fact that we're OOP against both villains.
    Then donk leads the flop…this dude just has no idea.

  4. I'm not sure if Bart understands the concept of verbally yet. He should have said it fifteen more times

  5. If you 4-bet and everyone folds, you just made $310 with no risk. So you could play another 30 orbits for free. Or go get dinner at Providence or whatever. If they fold religiously, then you can start 4-bet bluffing them with A5s. If they don't fold enough, then hooray, you get to bloat the pot with 80% equity.

    But letting them set-mine…. eughhhh

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