Wasting No Time to be ALL IN!

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Wasting No Time to be ALL IN!

10 thoughts on “Wasting No Time to be ALL IN!

  1. Great info raise/fold with KQ.

    TBH I think the way you play A8 is actually okay. The only other minor adjustment I would make is yourself "blocker" betting turn $200 yourself. Susceptible to a shove/fold, but you can balance it out by having 5,7; sometimes A8 (with the Ac), set of 66, 44, 88. I like this play since it can freeze your opponent from betting river (and can open doors to you bluffing the river sometimes). The other line is to info raise to $400 on the flop and fold to a shove. I like that play more if you actually had the Ac in your hand, since it's less likely you'll be pushed off by a flush draw. Not familiar with a mandatory under the gun straddle, but seems like raise is correct. Maybe raise to $50 is on the higher side an if you agree with this statement, then I think it's reasonable for UTG to have 99 or 10,10 in his range. BTN may have a set given action (and if you know how he plays, there's an argument to folding to his shove, especially with UTG behind you, but very hard to fold for only $64 more, not typically recommended unless if you have a pretty good sense of what UTG or BTN's range is by seeing a few of their previous hands played).

    I think K8 suited is an automatic fold to the 4-bet to $150. It's such a large raise and if you think he's overdoing this type of play (too high of a frequency to be optimal), you can catch him with better hands. You will know very quickly if he's overdoing it, it's 3 handed. (Not a perfect math), but each orbital (3 handed) you are paying $17 in blinds for 6 cards. $150/$17 = 8.8 ("hands"). 8.8 ("hands") X 2 = 17.6 cards. 17.6 / 13 = 1.3 times you'll have an Ace. Thus, based on the price (ignoring your initial raise and the conditional probabilities that comes with those), you get A-x enough times that you can fold K8s and defend with A-x instead (this also ignores you getting pocket pairs and KQs, which makes it even a bigger case to fold K8s facing a 5x 3-bet). I would also say throw in some limps calls and raise 2.25-2.5x with K8 suited 3 handed. You can balance the 2.25 – 2.5x raises with premiums (AA, KK, AKs, QQ). Playing 3-4 handed is very hard. When I first played 3-4 handed, I would lose since I would treat the game like heads up and widen my range too much. Think that's what you did here.

  2. Hey Ethan love your vids man. I've seen a few of them now from here at the Manchester Poker Room which is the room I've played the most at. Since you've played there multiple times I'm wondering if you've ever noticed any issues with the cards. 9 out of 10 times when I'm at the table there I notice bad creases or bends in certain spots on the back of the cards. I've brought this up to the dealers a few times over the past year or so and I've also seen other players complain to the staff about it. The results I've seen include the dealers saying there is nothing they can do about it, or someone from the floor may come over and try to "get the crease out of the card" which is just funny since it seems like almost every card is marked. What's even more bothersome is that the dealers and staff are allowed to play at this room and I've also been at the table with the owner several times. I'm just wondering if this is something you've ever noticed here or if you've ever come across anything like this at other rooms. Of course they're probably cautious if they know the table action is being recorded. Just something that's troubled me about this room that I think needs to be exposed. I understand cards might have some wear and tear but it's just a little too consistent for me and it seems so fishy how they never want to bring out a new deck. Like it's a poker room, it seems a little ridiculous to not be able to bring out fresh cards whenever necessary, however this room never wants to do that. But anyway I'm a big fan and I've learned from watching you play, thanks man!

  3. AJ, A10, KJ, KQ, K10suited, QJ, Q10suited, J10suited, any pocket pair, all standard 3 bets in 3 handed to a previous 3 bet.

  4. K8 was a good fold. At best, you're lucky to be a coin flip. You're more likely a 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 dog

  5. k8 is a bad play, i never play it esp its 3 ways…. u cant win with k8. Play k10 above is better way

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