Using Flopzilla Pro To STUDY Your Poker Hands

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Flopzilla Pro is one the best tools to study your poker hands between sessions. In this video I’ll show you how to analyze your hand, explore various lines, and get more value from this software. This is an intermediate-level video, and there is even more line exploration you can do for advanced work using this tool!


FLOPZILLA PRO: SplitSuit Edition

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Using Flopzilla Pro To STUDY Your Poker Hands

10 thoughts on “Using Flopzilla Pro To STUDY Your Poker Hands

  1. SPLITSUIT hasnt played poker in 10 years. He just wants to stack you without playing poker against you. You stupid peasants.

  2. I am an old 40yrs old fish but I would love to understand how this flopzilla works and where I can download this stuff If you don't mind.. thank you!

  3. Jesus…this just sounds like gibberish to me. I have a lot of respect for you guys who have the patience to study like this! Fair play to you folks, but going this deep into the numbers isn't for everyone I guess. Good video though. I did enjoy watching even if I was a bit overwhelmed 🙂 I'll stick to just using my PokerTracker stats 😅 (and probably get beat by you number cruncher types some time)

  4. Very useful..lot of thanks ,,I have a question ,,where do i find the brake even free tool ? Sorry for my bad english …thanks

  5. hey y both a traning from you the poker book hand reading in it came with a flopzilla license but i cant find the license on my email you think you can send it to me again 🙏

  6. SplitSuit – always really appreciate your content (both the free content you put out as well as your paid courses, many of which I have purchased and benefited immensely from). Would love to see the “Part 2” of this video where you sync to GTO+ and continue the analysis (with a focus on the framework for off table study rather than a particular hand’s solve) there. Thx and keep up the awesome work!

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