Video Poker Tournament day two!

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Video Poker Tournament day two!

10 thoughts on “Video Poker Tournament day two!

  1. It’s too hard to look and see the multiplier on a pair of aces in a pair of fours, so I think you just have to ride with the aces. But don’t get me wrong I like the aces and the four hold- or 12 x

  2. Hope you made it to the next level. Was waiting for something to pop big. 💰💰

  3. My eye —hand coordination wouldn't let me win that game. Only hope I'd have is top delt hands.

  4. Your beginning episodes sound like your either on a space shuttle or deep sea diving. Very peculiar.

  5. Postle can't play live poker anymore at alot of places so he's resorted to playing slot poker? What a POS!!!

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