Video Poker Tournament final session

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Video Poker Tournament final session

8 thoughts on “Video Poker Tournament final session

  1. Not the best machine and the play was hard to watch with the blurriness but you gave it your best shot.

  2. When I used to play VP tournaments I decided to 'go for the gold' LOL I didn't hold 2 pair if I already had a winning hand with J's or better. I went for more hands and more chances at the A's and kicker or a Royal. I won a few times using that strategy just by getting more hands dealt. I know it's different on the game you were playing as you get the multiplier. VP tournaments are fun!

  3. Christ ..with the constant hammering of the button and all the blurriness ….

  4. brutal. you had a couple copportunities at the end to hold the kicker. Probably should have to score a big hit. It was about the only chance to had to finishing near the top.

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