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You’ve bet on the flop and your opponent called. The turn comes and you’re mulling over whether or not to bet again. This episode will help you arrive at the right decision regardless of the specific board and your specific hand.

This episode of Upswing Poker Level-Up is meant to help you get better at double barreling, aka c-betting on the turn, aka betting on the turn after raising preflop and betting on the flop.

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When to Bet the Turn | Upswing Poker Level-Up

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  1. this series is too good to give out for free, I've been downloading every video for the day you guys realize 😅 Thanks for the great content.

  2. Loved this content guys, thanks so much! When it comes to "range betting" on good turns like in the 872Q example, what size are we looking to use? Part of me wants to use a small size because we're betting with our entire range but on the other hand we already used a large size on the flop.

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