Who got the “MEMO?” – Memo’s Tales from the Table

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Memo – gives his perspective on the game, and a prelude to one of the most interesting players I have interviewed. WE learn his beginnings, how a table crew gave him his handle MEMO – and famous Memo press. He also tells us what is important to him at the Table.

These stories and recollections are those of the guest and not of the host or this channel.

This channel does not promote the casino/gaming lifestyle, you must realize that you can and will lose money. Never play with what you can not afford to lose.

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Who got the “MEMO?” – Memo’s Tales from the Table

7 thoughts on “Who got the “MEMO?” – Memo’s Tales from the Table

  1. Great piece on Memo, ready for the next installment. You going to do Aloha Johnny also?

  2. Great Interview! Both of you guys did great! You know Ed you and everyone you interviewed all need to get on the table and record it!

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