10 thoughts on “Dominik Panka’s Barcelona Bluff & Poker Strategy | PokerStars

  1. I kind of liked the fact that he recognised his mistakes in the hand and pointed out things he could improve on (as poker players that's what we always do). Rather than other pros using this "pros explain" bit to justify their plays like "Oh his range is _, _ only and I'm getting good enough pot odds etc etc cough I never make any mistakes cough"

  2. His zombie style of play is a bit exhausting to watch, but I love his analysis. I would have paid to see him suddenly flip out, Hellmuth style though!

  3. pause @ 1:11, full house guy swallows his spit after hitting his set 😉

  4. Three years ago… OK 😀 Why didn't Panka and Zhang show the cards at the end? Why only Rudoy showed? Did they not have a obligation of that? None of them folded in fact… I don't understand…

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