$1 MILLION DOLLAR FREE-ROLL TOURNAMENT! Last Chance to Breakeven this WSOP | Poker Vlog #466

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$1 MILLION DOLLAR FREE-ROLL TOURNAMENT!  Last Chance to Breakeven this WSOP | Poker Vlog #466

10 thoughts on “$1 MILLION DOLLAR FREE-ROLL TOURNAMENT! Last Chance to Breakeven this WSOP | Poker Vlog #466

  1. Some of your thoughts out loud are just preposterous- you tried to punt so many times and they just didn’t let you 😂😂

  2. Ethan please don't stop making tournament videos. I love watching them. I might be in the minority but I prefer watching your tournament videos over cash. Actually I like a nice mix. Love both your cash vids and tournament vids so I hope you keep showing us your tournament videos too.

  3. Has anyone in the comments either won a WSOP bracelet, WPT title or other 50k or greater tournament? Genuinely curious. Just reading through these it's like watching a struggling AAA relief pitcher get advice from guys who played wiffle ball in the 90's.

  4. U seem like a nice guy .. but jeez you need to learn patience and to pick your spots in tournaments… your way too aggressive. For instance .. Your going for the thinnest of value.. you could have easily got blown off your KQ hand by betting the river.. he’s bet into 5 opponents. No surprise he had u crushed before the river.. you could also have got an extra bet off him.. then there’s the j10 hand .. his hand is pretty face up on the turn .. so before u call you should be thinking about what your going to do if you don’t make your hand.. the perfect card to bluff comes on the river and you check? .. you could rep the flush KJ u could rep Q10 as u have a ten in your hand… and you say your betting the AJ hand for value once you’ve been check raised and the forth club comes out .. your literally throwing away all of your chips or trying to get your whole stack in every hand 😅 your not playing cash. Those are two totally different games.. you seem like a really genuine nice person but love me you don’t half frustrate the balls off me 🤣 do better, not for me or anyone else but for you !!!

  5. J little says something you might want to think very deeply about! He says that a lot of times you will see a young player get lucky and win a large buy in tournament and think that they will continue getting lucky and play a Bunch of large buy in tournaments and wind up blowing their entire bank role! Food for thought.

  6. Have not checked out your vids in awhile. Still taking unnecessary chances and punting a lot I see. Keep up the grind man. I just don't think your play is top notch. From any videos I've seen. I know I'm just an internet warrior. Just my thoughts and feelings when watching.

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