$180,000 BATTLE with Bryn KENNEY on High Stakes Poker

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This is a brilliant hand from the latest season of High Stakes Poker between Bryn Kenney and Brandon Steven. In this analysis, I highlight the importance of really thinking about the range of hands that might call when deciding to value bet and how this should determine the size of your bet.

Bryn Kenney is currently the all time money leader for live tournaments boasting an impressive $56,403,501 winnings. Brandon Steven is a very successful business man who is no stranger to the felt as he has an impressive $3,217,155 in winnings.

Weekly Poker Hand #350

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$180,000 BATTLE with Bryn KENNEY on High Stakes Poker

10 thoughts on “$180,000 BATTLE with Bryn KENNEY on High Stakes Poker

  1. What would YOU do with 9♥ 7♥ on the turn?

    Your Stack (BTN): $490,000

    Their Stack (BB): $372,200

    Pot: $46,700

    Board: 5♥ J♥ 2♠ Q♥

    BB bets $27,000

    A) Fold

    B) Call

    C) Raise to $80,000

    D) Raise to $150,000

  2. Is folding the flop too tight? You're not getting a good price with just a flush draw

  3. I think just call. Maybe raise to charge sets and pair plus flush draws but then your in a tough spot if you raise and get 3 bet.

  4. Call looking to play some rivers. If I raise and he 3 bets, I'm hating life. This deep I don't want all my money in the middle with the 9 high flush.

  5. 1:20

    – 97s goes down in value, the deeper you are. Not the other way around. I believe 100 to 150bb are perfect stacks for such a hand.

  6. At 11.32 ( may be wrong its showing minus time on here) 425 bb deep i think kenney calls KQspades for 17k CR on flop every time IP and closing action, surely would be standard ?

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