3 SECRETS To CRUSH Live POKER Tournaments

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Learning these 3 secrets to crush live poker tournaments will help you win more and more at the poker tables!

Live poker is back & better than ever and it’s time to start taking your poker tournament game to the next level. With the strategies that I teach you in this video you will be dominating your opponents the next time you decide to sit down at a poker table.

I see too many players playing too passively which might give them a min cash in a poker tournament but it certainly won’t help them win one!

It is important that you are constantly aware of your stack depth and adjusting your poker strategy accordingly.

Always remember that most of the money that you will make in poker tournaments is at the final table so you should be spending a lot of your poker study figuring out the best strategy there!

In this poker webinar you will learn:

Preflop mistakes that you’ll commonly see & how to exploit them

Postflop tricks to help you build a big stack

Short stack & final table strategies

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3 SECRETS To CRUSH Live POKER Tournaments

10 thoughts on “3 SECRETS To CRUSH Live POKER Tournaments

  1. Which secret is your favorite from the 3 in this video? 🤫

  2. Great video and true and any final table the player that plays aggressive and takes it over is the one that will win if you can't do this at any final table you won't win basicly the last table final is like a sit and go tournaments

  3. I'll play with your dad and Pensacola on Monday nights.. Please come do a meet up game down here would love to hang out

  4. This is getting really really really annoying.
    If JL has to remind me to hit like one more time I’m gonna throw my iPad pretty far.
    How imma gonna remember to stop folding anything even close to decent in position-
    When I cannot never even remember to hit like.

  5. Hey boss, is it still possible to do poker as an actual career and build a legit family with kids and stuff like you did? Or do you have to have another side hustle/thing to go along with poker.

  6. Awesome explanation. The key takeaway here and from all of your videos, is study study study.

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