3 Simple Things ANYONE Can Do to Start WINNING at Poker

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Try these 3 simple strategies in your poker games and I think you will start seeing much better results. Literally anyone can use these 3 easy poker tips and start quickly winning.

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3 Simple Things ANYONE Can Do to Start WINNING at Poker

10 thoughts on “3 Simple Things ANYONE Can Do to Start WINNING at Poker

  1. Have you tried any of these 3 poker tips? Also, this one thing keeps 95% of people from winning at poker: https://youtu.be/8MHWVGYMzmA

  2. Thanks so much for teaching us your poker knowledge…. and yes I had called few times playing against my NIT friends and they laughed all the ways to the bank…. lol

  3. Example #3 I like to c bet pot size or overbet in Multi way pot hoping to thin field with AA. Ideally I want to isolate or take the pot down there I'm happy really. Definitely a raise on the turn I'm out. Very obvious this player hit the straight or slow playing a set and is worried now about the draws. Great Video 👍

  4. I dont agree on first board. It depends of course, how deep you are. raise size and where the tourney is at. if a 4 or a heart drop or 4 of hearts you have a straight. a straight flush draw and other flush draws. I think you could have came up with a better example to get this point across. Of course i havent wrote any books. I just have de cades of expeirence and thousands of tournament wins. just my opinion.

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