5 Hands No Decent Poker Player Will Ever Play

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Please just fold these 5 bad hands. You will never see a good poker player playing them!

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5 Hands No Decent Poker Player Will Ever Play

10 thoughts on “5 Hands No Decent Poker Player Will Ever Play

  1. Do you play any of these 5 hands? Also, here is the simple straight draw strategy which has SKYROCKETED my winnings lately: https://youtu.be/JXSlq3LctQU

  2. I'm disappointed that he misused the word literally as so many do. People aren't literally lighting money on fire by losing it at internet poker although that would probably be more fun. They're figuratively lighting it on fire.

  3. My first concern is the player I'm up against. The cards are secondary. If I'm up against the best, I wouldn't be caught dead using those hands within any strategy, but if the player is easy then it's easier to get away with those junky hands.

  4. When Q9 flops the straight and you are up against set of jacks, tens or kings, or even 2 pair, it's double up time, assuming the board doesn't pair.

  5. I'm confused. In your video from 1 month ago called "5 Highly Profitable Hands You Should Play More" you mentioned pocket 4. Always RFI PF and flat IP you said one month ago. And now only fold? What the hell happened in one month?

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