$750,000 POT!! Alan Keating’s MASTERCLASS On VALUE BETTING!

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This is the largest pot that has ever been played on the Hustler Casino Live stream featuring fan favorite Alan Keating! Here you will witness a masterclass on value betting from Alan Keating as he opts for a 3x overbet shove on the river!

Alan Keating is quickly making a name for himself on the high stakes poker scene as he is an extremely loose & aggressive opponent who is not afraid to put chips into the pot!

His opponent is another player who is quickly becoming a regular in these high stakes cash games by the name of J.R.. He decides to make an ambitious call pre-flop with J8o but Keating’s image no doubt had a huge part to play in J.R.’s decision.

Generally when lots of draws miss on the river you want to use a polarized large sizing as a bet with some busted draws and also your nutted poker hands!

Thank you to Hustler Casino Live for allowing me to use this footage, check out this hand and many more on their amazing YouTube channel here:

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$750,000 POT!! Alan Keating’s MASTERCLASS On VALUE BETTING!

10 thoughts on “$750,000 POT!! Alan Keating’s MASTERCLASS On VALUE BETTING!

  1. What would YOU do on the river with T♦ 9♦?

    Your Stack (UTG): $438,000

    Their Stack (BB): $322,000

    Pot: $104,000

    Board: Q♣ 8♣ 7♥ 3♦ J♥

    A) Bet $34,000

    B) Bet $52,000

    C) Bet $104,000

    D) Bet $322,000 (all-in)

  2. If the river is a blank does Allan shove and get a fold? Wonder how the hand would have played out with a blank, obviously he hit the best out he could have.

  3. I have to stop watching Hustler because I try these plays out at .01/.02 and they don’t work the same 😂

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