$2,000 ALL-IN w/ TENS?!?! #Poker #Shorts

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$2,000 ALL-IN w/ TENS?!?! #Poker #Shorts

10 thoughts on “$2,000 ALL-IN w/ TENS?!?! #Poker #Shorts

  1. "Hand is too strong to fold just yet"

    Facing a 3b with a smooth call behind, then on the dryest flop ever you see a lead of 125 with a call. I havent even finished the video but you can definitely fold here.

  2. Why did you call the $80 pre flop you can’t beat 3 players; then there’s players behind you, you only can spike a 10, if 2 overs comes you can’t even control the betting 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. I think you 4-bet or fold pre flop not call. If you get reraised you fold. You want to punish the flatter and isolate a early position caller.

  4. Could you fold pre vs the 3-bet and cold call? I mean I feel like flatting a 3-bet cold is not the best. And 4-betting seems over valuing your hand? Fold seems reasonable, overall each street is a pretty gross spot. But turn is absolute fold.

  5. The problem Is not your fold on the turn because is correct. you have played very well but the call of the opponent after all in from original raiser whit 77. If he had folded 77 would you have called him?

  6. I'm surprised you were even close to winning there. If they didn't go all in might've been able to make them

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