Is this 3 barrel bluff LEGIT? #ggpoker #pokerstrategy #poker

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#poker #pokerstrategy #paulpunts #ggpoker #cashgamepoker

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Is this 3 barrel bluff LEGIT? #ggpoker #pokerstrategy #poker

10 thoughts on “Is this 3 barrel bluff LEGIT? #ggpoker #pokerstrategy #poker

  1. 3 betting ATo SB vs CO is too loose.
    Bluffing the river holding the A of hearts is a huge theoretically mistake because you block the folding range.

  2. This would have been a good candidate hand to 3-barrel bluff, depending on the turn and river. However, I would not recommend 3-betting ATo or KJo, as they have limited playability against recs who overplay pairs out of position.

  3. You got absolutely owned in this hand and I think you're good enough to recognize this.

    However, what I would like to see, is you stating either via chat or video what you think you did wrong.

  4. Bet/call otf seems to be the nut worst line.
    Also, you rep very thinly otr and also have Ah, which helps you on the flop, but really hurts you on the river as a bluff candidate.

    Opponent is obv button clicking, but on this runout he's not folding anything he raised for value otf. Against bluffs you might be ahead anyway…

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