A HUGE $873,000 pot on HIGH STAKES POKER

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Weekly Poker Hand #346: Fireworks happened in this hand from the new season of High Stakes Poker as a huge $873,000 pot developed between Bryn Kenney and Rick Salomon.

For this hand analysis I do something a little bit different as we play the hand from Bryn Kenney’s perspective. Let me know in the comments below if you like this style and I will aim to do some more!

Salomon bets a Lamborghini on the river but can Kenney find a hero call with a set that has now turned into a bluff catcher?

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A HUGE $873,000 pot on HIGH STAKES POKER

10 thoughts on “A HUGE $873,000 pot on HIGH STAKES POKER

  1. What would YOU do with 5♥ 5♦ on the river?

    Your Stack (SB): $324,000

    Their Stack (SB): $432,800

    Pot: $225,600

    Board: 5♣ 7♣ 4♦ 8♣ A♠

    Salomon bets $324,000

    A) Call

    B) Fold

  2. Fold. I put Salomon on pocket 6 with one of those the club. Its not so much the size of the bet but the fact that size bet went in. Starting to understand Rick will bluff early but not late. Its an easy fold for me. I was comfortable betting flop and turn but I wanted the FH to feel very comfortable – oh wait straight draw? No not with that pre-flop raise – surely not? But yeah the FH was what I was after (or quads)

  3. Call. I have 3 Lamborghinis. Also close enough to top of range to call, especially against a guy who thinks it is cool to sell his homemade vids

  4. What an interesting hand, because Rick took a very bluffy line. By Bryn not raising turn, he basically says he does not have a flush, which gives Rick the greenlight to blast river. With the A coming on the river, many of Rick's bluffs now have showdown value and should check. I just can't find a bluff here for Rick, add to the fact, Rick plays fairly straight forward. I would be inclined to fold, but also curious to know what hand Rick is doing this with. One hand I put him on is 66, because if he has a flush he wants to get max value and would not bet so much, since he blocks the main flush draws, and his turn bet size looks like he betting for protection there, charging A of Clubs to continue.

  5. I’d love to say I’d call but I don’t have balls quite big enough to through a lambo on the table. So I’d probably fold, say he made the flush and put it bad luck.

  6. I probably would fold to any straightforward player because the most common bluffs check back top pair on the river. It really seems like an underbluffed spot.

  7. Ugh this is miserable. In my games people rarely run massive bluffs on the river so I'd probably fold if I saw this. That being said, in this situation against a player who is known to be splashy in cash games, who we've induced to bluff every street, and whose range at the outset should be mostly highcards, we should call. I'm only really worried about the flushes, but unless Rick has suited broadway cards his line preflop doesn't make much sense. I could absolutely see him play this way with AKo that has a club. Okay unpause and let's see how much pretend money I just lost…

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