Craps – 6&8 Stretch Strategy on a $15 Minimum Table

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Here’s one requested by Eric G. (check out MrCoffeeDrink3r Channel) on a $15 minimum table. This strategy is better explained by Color Up, but tested with a dice setter in this video. The idea is minimal investment with maximum play on house money. More on this strategy is coming soon!

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Craps – 6&8 Stretch Strategy on a $15 Minimum Table

5 thoughts on “Craps – 6&8 Stretch Strategy on a $15 Minimum Table

  1. Big bro, so honest opinion about the strat?? I think it worked beautifully & I will deff be trying this ASAP.. And great call on the 3 instead of 5 hits makes way more sense in my book

  2. The beauty of this strategy is with only $40 and 2 hits of 6 or 8, you can be up on all the place bet numbers – 96 across. This is my favorite strategy. It can slow the game down if dealer isn't use to it. I like to include a horn high ace deuce for $5 when I am at $96 across to cover "all" the numbers. That "ace deuce" is a number that always shows up for me.

  3. Love it. Cheers. In my opinion after extensive testing of multiple $15.00 table strategies, I've come to the conclusion that "Any bet more than $24 on a Placebet number is just too much" But please accept this statement as just my opinion. Cheers!

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