Best Re-Raising Strategies in Poker

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Today we are talking about best re-raising strategies in poker and why we use them.

When is Re-raising Recommended?

The main impact of re-raising is that it creates a larger pot on average. This is mostly good in scenarios where we either have a strong made hand or are drawing to a strong made hand. (Since these types of holdings like to play big pots.) Re-raising may also be a good option if we believe our opponent will be folding too often when facing a re-raise.

We’ll hence consider re-raising in one of the two following situations –
1. We have a dominant strong made hand or strong draw and want to get more chips into the pot.
2. We believe that our opponent will be folding sufficiently often against a raise for it to be profitable. (Especially useful in scenarios where we have a strong draw, known as “semi-bluffing”.)

Which Raise Sizing Should I Select?

Re-raise sizing is critical and will depend on what we are trying to achieve.

Strong value hands will typically try to raise as large as possible while still getting called at a high frequency. However, if someone were to call significantly more often against a small raise sizing, the smaller sizing could prove optimal.

Weaker value hands will typically raise for smaller sizings to avoid isolating themselves against stronger holdings.

Bluffs typically try to raise as small as possible while still retaining a decent frequency of folds. However, if someone were to fold significantly more often against a large raise sizing, the larger sizing might prove optimal.

Standard Raise Sizings:

Although raise sizings should be varied depending on what we are trying to achieve, there are typical “standard” raise sizings that are most commonly used in every scenario.

For example, the following table lists standard raise sizings for No-Limit Hold’em (and is similar for other pot-limit and no-limit variants of poker).

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