9 thoughts on “BIGGEST Florida WIN Ever!! $10-$25-$50! Must see! // Poker Vlog #147

  1. How much you wanna bet he takes down a 12k pot and he's going to tip the dealer $5 bucks. Gross.. He's been tip shamed in the industry. i wonder if he's going to start cutting out the part of the videos when he tips.

  2. Not sure how you've put out 147 vlogs and yet this is the first time you've been recommended to me (stupid YT algo). Took <5 minutes to earn my sub, and I look forward to watching more of your vids in the future!

  3. Hey there is something to learn from you! Poker is a game not only of money but of honor, there are jealous and hurtful players, ignore it… we here in Israel love to see you play… we were in Vegas and I watched you from the sidelines at the wynn hotel.. keep up the video there is something to learn from you 🥇

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