BLUFFING for over $100?! #Shorts

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BLUFFING for over $100?! #Shorts

10 thoughts on “BLUFFING for over $100?! #Shorts

  1. 3 bet the flop or call. You could have the best hand some of the time and your almost getting 5 to 1 on a call. AK has decent equity against any overpair. (Besides AA or KK). But he didn't 4 bet preflop so AA and KK is unlikely.

  2. Sometimes the continuation bet does not work. I don't always fire a continuation bet with A-K if I don't hit the flop, especially when it is a multi way pot.

  3. don’t see why villain would min raise 10s here, nor why you folded getting 5:1 with two live overs… 1-3 players at its finest. how much i would love to be at a table with both of you

  4. You should've checked the flop. That's a pretty safe board for pocket pairs, it's unlikely you have an eight. If you are going to bet there you're priced in to call his raise and peel.

  5. 4th best hand in the game? It loses to every pocket pair … unless that accounts for drawing?

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