Controversial Opinion: Stop Listening to Poker Pros

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Controversial Opinion: Stop Listening to Poker Pros

10 thoughts on “Controversial Opinion: Stop Listening to Poker Pros

  1. In poker you gotta be versatile. I try to implement things I learn from more experienced players but I also like to mix up my game so not to be predictable.

  2. Very Very true
    Me personally I mix it up red chip poker with black rain 79 together and I take my conclusions and I execute, but lately 1 year I've been 90% towards black rain 79 because sky racket my winning. When I'm involved in a hand the decision is mine but what I like about black rain 79 developed in my mind to be creative on my table because William is very straight forward with the strategy and says the truth about poker
    Enjoy the game of poker 😉

  3. Amen. People at 1/2 look at me like I’m insane sometimes when I overbet turns/rivers.

  4. Love these micro stakes grinders on reddit thinking they have all of the answers cause they ran a few pio sims

  5. Agree everyone should find their own groove . You bring a lot into my game but I still find aggressive play is new to me . I have always played passive and waiting for opponents to bet into my hand . Is that wrong ?

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