Playing Strategy for Live Ultimate Texas Holdem

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Watch me play using the Optimal playing strategy for Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

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Playing Strategy for Live Ultimate Texas Holdem

10 thoughts on “Playing Strategy for Live Ultimate Texas Holdem

  1. Why does she keep asking raise or check when he already made the raise initially? I thought once you raise preflop you're done.

  2. This is a very popular game here in the USA. Some of the betting might look odd (such as max raise on K 8 non suited, but you have to remember that you are playing heads up (there are 1 or 2 websites that will tell you betting odds, probability odds, etc). The only thing that I find odd (in this video) is that this game is not dealt like blackjack but that is how the dealer is giving out the cards. How it should be-The first five dealt cards are the community cards then 2 cards to the player then the dealer gives themselves 2 cards. it is not 1 card to player, 1 card to dealer, 1 card to player, 1 card to dealer, 5 community cards. However, I only have played this game in different major cities in the US. Maybe this is how they play this game in Europe?

  3. Take out all those trip bets and youll make a better profit. Dont fall for the sucker bets.

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