Extreme Poker Tips: Bluff against polarized range

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A free coaching video on how to bluff against a polarized range in Heads-Up No limit Hold’em. Check out extremepokertips.com for more excellent poker advice.

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Extreme Poker Tips: Bluff against polarized range

8 thoughts on “Extreme Poker Tips: Bluff against polarized range

  1. so you turn a hand that has showdown value into a complete bluff. a good opponenet might just jam over the top… and you fold the AQ.

  2. It makes no sense to bluff raise river here. If he truly has nothing AQ is probably the best hand so why not call unless he has like pocket 4's or something in which case bluff raising is profitable. I still don't like it here.

  3. @tylerg0089 Villain is probably not potting Jx on the river. Hero's raise w AQ is loveing terrible.

  4. @tylerg0089 Villain is very unlikely to pot Jx/5x on the river, as they both have showdown value and are probably ahead of hero's "ch flop, ca turn" range on this board. He could bet them for value, but he'd probably not pot it. He can possibly pot Kx or KJ exactly, but I don't expect those hands to fold to a raise, given hero's line doesn't really represent much unless hero has shown a tendency to slowplay, as most better hands would want to bet earlier streets to build a pot.

  5. @tylerg0089 As a result, villain's range is a) hands that are betting and are never folding to a raise and b) hands that hero beats. There is no point in raising into this range, as all we accomplish is giving more money to villain when he has the nuts (or at least an unfoldable hand) without gaining any equity by folding out stuff we beat. The only way the raise could be good is if we intend to induce a shove from his bluffs, but that's many levels above what I expect is happening here.

  6. Unless we knew he was merging his range to get value from our bluff catcher i dont think this makes sense.

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