1/2 & 2/5 NLHE live poker hand analysis, cash games in the casino! Detroit Poker Vlog #39

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In this new poker vlog, we are going to go over 6 hands from June at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

We start out with two 1/2 hands, then we move to the 2/5 table and we have four more hand histories to go over….

This video ran a bit long, but I was pleased with the poker content in this one…. You be the judge, let me know in the comments if you liked/disliked the video, or any of the topics discussed!

Table of Contents:
Hand 1 – 00:38
Hand 2 – 04:05
Hand 3 – 08:52
Hand 4 – 12:25
Hand 5 – 15:03
Hand 6 – 20:27
Session Recap, closing thoughts- 25:00

Thanks so much for watching!

We can all learn something from talking about poker hands, and analyzing them. Maybe it can help some of you learn to play poker, and help you to discover how to win at poker!

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1/2 & 2/5 NLHE live poker hand analysis, cash games in the casino! Detroit Poker Vlog #39

10 thoughts on “1/2 & 2/5 NLHE live poker hand analysis, cash games in the casino! Detroit Poker Vlog #39

  1. Hand 1 – 00:38
    Hand 2 – 04:05
    Hand 3 – 08:52
    Hand 4 – 12:25
    Hand 5 – 15:03
    Hand 6 – 20:27
    Session Recap, closing thoughts- 25:00

  2. hey Detroit I think the word sloppy is a good way to put it my last two sessions I've also run terrible took some terrible beads can't make hands watch the worst players win pots and I to have gotten a little bit sloppy let's use math on the six seven if the 5 clubs is a bad card which could give him a flush then you only have 3 cleanouts which means you're about 15 to 1 so when you call $30 it's just too much there's no way that you can say for sure you're going to win $400 if you hit up and you'll be lucky to win a hundred or more sometimes when it's heads up I think you're right about calling preflop it's easy to do when things aren't going your way to say I'll just look at the Flop it's only a few dollars more blah blah blah but those kind of hands end up getting you in trouble and you can lose a big pot with them as you did I don't think check-raise on the Flop is correct I think you just fold there

  3. I don't like the eight six of diamonds in early position you put in $45 heads up against one player that hand needs four players to see the Flop to realize value on it there's just no way you're ahead here and you put in cloes to 8 or 10% of your stack it's just totally not profitable you were lucky to flop a straight of course which you'll do one in about a hundred times but what do you do when you flop a six or an eight and he has pocket nines and you lose 200 or you flop a draw and you've put in 200 more and you don't hit it's just not a good play I think you know that… of course once you make it 15 and he makes it 45 now you're calling 30 to win 60 so you're getting to 21 preflop but you did create those odds by raising first I just don't think it's profitable over time and that's all that matters

  4. One of my favorite vlogs. I always look forward to your new content.

  5. Great relaxed commentry B. Very enjoyable to watch bud. Not problem calling with 86 76 if you are deep enough to warrant it.

  6. So on hand 5 what was the ultimate ruling? This is the reason I wait for the pot to be square (correct) before I show my cards. Ill say what I have while they are counting the stacks but anything else opens the doors to this type of bad show.

  7. The casino that I play at requires a caller to push some chips in the pot when calling an all in. The caller could have said that he did not call-if the dealer did not hear him. Verbal is binding BUT, the cameras cannot pick up the table talk. Of course, the jerk that gave his point of view should have known when to shut up. Your opponent was most likely a friend of his. The dealer does not want to piss anyone off. They make their living on tips. If a dealer did not get tips, we would not have any dealers, as their pay is way sub-par.

  8. I definitely say something to the guy running his mouth. He should have nothing to say in this case other than "Good hand"

    Also, not sure if Soaring Eagle makes all shown hands live regardless if they had been mucked, but I was playing in Florida a few years ago and a guy mucked his hand and the winning player demanded to see them, so the dealer showed them, at which point they became live and the guy had misread his hand (if I recall correctly there was four to a straight on board). So the guy who demanded to see the hand (a grade A a-hole) wound up losing the pot.

    That's always stuck with me and even though there are times I want so see, I will just have to be content getting the pot pushed my way!

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