Daniel Negreanu Isn’t Happy

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Daniel Negreanu plays online poker tournament in GGPoker and faces a tough spot.
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Daniel Negreanu Isn’t Happy

10 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu Isn’t Happy

  1. What does he have?? What can he raise with?? Oh – nuts, ya that makes sense

  2. I mean bet 1/3 pot as a block bet if you are going to bet. When he raises you all in, you have to fold.
    If Daniel checks, then the button is prob going to bet half or 3/4 pot because they have such a strong hand and then you get to call him down without losing your stack.

  3. Seems like a decent call honestly, strange valuebet – SUPER thin but maybe reasonable if he knows his opponent. With that board texture on the turn im shocked the guy didnt raise daniel on the turn with all his Queen-two pairs (Q10, Q9, Q2) and sets. The worst play this hand is the flat by the button on the turn imo – not raising with 2 FDs and a straight board, it obviously worked out but doubt its right, probably confused daniel the most. Daniel is right about missed spades, feels way more likely he has missed spades than a FH in this spot. I would be slightly concerned about KJs however, thats certainly a hand he could have flatted the turn with that could maybe value raise the river, highly unlikely he finds a jam with a Qx, seems super thin.

  4. I have no issue with the thin river bet but for goodness sake this is a FOLD after the villan shoves!

  5. I got SPANKED today by pocket aces. Guy bets 15 bucks pre flop. I have Q 5 off suit. Board runs ACE 2 Q Q 7 no flush no straights basically needs a higher queen or pocket aces to beat me. Would you put him on pocket aces when he only raised 15 bucks preflop? Poker suuuuuuucks man lol 😢

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