Do They ALWAYS FOLD When You Have a Monster? Here’s How to Adjust!

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Let poker pro Phil Galfond teach you how to adjust if a poker player is always folding against your big poker hands. Learning how to play while considering the long-term, as well as building bluffs into your game are both important concepts we explore today!

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It can be difficult to make the necessary change to your poker mental game but it might just be regular poker variance you’re noticing!
It might also be that you have been playing your value hands aggressively and missing semi-bluff opportunities, in this case your poker game plan might need some adjusting or your poker skills might need some sharpening.

There’s another option that might be occurring, you might be playing vs a poker player who generally folds when a lot of chips go into the pot without the nuts.

The previous example isn’t someone reading you at the poker table, it can actually be an example of that player being ‘scared money’ or having another emotional reason behind their actions that you can add to your poker strategy as an exploit!

If you’re building huge chip stacks already but still looking for how to improve at pot limit Omaha, no limit hold ‘em, or poker in general, Phil Galfond is here to teach you how to think like a professional poker player.

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Do They ALWAYS FOLD When You Have a Monster? Here’s How to Adjust!

7 thoughts on “Do They ALWAYS FOLD When You Have a Monster? Here’s How to Adjust!

  1. Also worth mentioning the (reverse ) removal effect : when you have cards to make a strong hand it’s less likely your opponent has a hand that can call – and if you don’t have a good hand chances are higher your opponent does …

  2. It’s not true that do make money for making people fold. It really depends of the other guy strategy, we usually think that what happens to us in our level is what is happening to everybody, but that is not true. Usually for almost everybody poker players make money by playing against bad players that can’t fold when they have a pretty good hand but not the nuts, that goes from beginners to top pros. Pro players don’t like to play against each other, they always want fishes in the table, otherwise don’t play

  3. Never assume you're the best one at the table, always consider that your opponents are adjusting to YOU

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