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http://PokerStars.com Daniel Negreanu poker reads never cease to amaze. Day 2 of the EPT 9 Monaco Main Event (2013), Team Pro Negreanu played an interesting poker hand against Britain’s David Vamplew. Hear Kid Poker explain his thought process while taking on Vamplew, and the reasoning behind his poker strategy and game play methods.

Watch the full hand here: http://www.pokerstars.tv/channels/2013/11/ept9-monte-carlo—main-event-episode-7.shtml

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Daniel Negreanu Poker Strategy: The Bonus Cut | PokerStars.com

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  3. I love this one, fundamental point: that when you know you're up against either a bluff/weak hand or a monster (and nothing in between), and they've raised you…there's no point in raising again. No amount of money is going to earn you any value if they fold, and everything above a call is just thrown away if they have you dominated.

    So simple, but so easy to overlook/forget!!  :^D

    Thanks, Dan'l!!

  4. You messed up on one thing. You never found out what he was holding.  Once he said you have a King, you win…you opened up.  Why wouldn't you let him open up first, find out what he's messing with you with.  I always do!

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