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This was one of Daniel ‘KidPoker’ Negreanu’s greatest final table comebacks! The event was the 2022 PokerGO Cup played at the luxurious PokerGO studio in Las Vegas.

Daniel Negreanu was battling some of the toughest poker players in the world in this $25,000 No Limit Hold’em final table. His opponent in this hand is a very accomplished poker professional by the name of Sean Winter who decides to run a bluff against Kid Poker. Negreanu manages to sniff it out very quickly and uses this hand to propel himself to the win and $350,000 to go along with it!

Sean Winter decides to check raise on the flop with just ten high but has run into Negreanu’s two pair. After it goes check/check on the turn Winter decides to go for an overbet on the river but Negreanu was going nowhere!

In this poker video I discuss the poker strategy when facing overbets as well as how to proceed when you do get check raised with a strong but non nutted hand.

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10 thoughts on “Daniel NEGREANU With The PERFECT READ On A FINAL TABLE!

  1. What would YOU do with T♠ 8♦ on the river?

    Your Stack (BB): 1,400,000

    Their Stack (BTN): 1,700,000

    Pot: 490,000

    Board: A♥ Q♠ J♦ 7♥ 3♥

    A) Check

    B) Bet 125,000

    C) Bet 250,000

    D) Bet 500,000

  2. I love it! “If you are going to bluff with 10 high, make sure your opponent doesn’t have 2 pair”

  3. Against Mr. Soul Read aka DNegs I don't think there's a river bet that convinces him we hit better (the BD Flush) than his 2 pair, his flat call to the check raise on the flop should have set off instant alarm bells. No way he's calling such a polarized check-raise on the flop without a very strong hand and by the river the draws for the 10 he knew was in my hand all missed, easy call for DNegs on the river. Hand was played perfectly.

  4. Without looking at any other answers my response is 1/3-1/2 pot and fold against a raise would be the standard play. Adjust accordingly to calling stations and over folders.

  5. After much thought I would go for the $250k bet. Small enough to fold a shove but of a size to make my opponent think it's an inducement sizing . Any other bet size is either too small or too large ie bluff bait

  6. Whether or not you like Daniel, you cannot help but respect the man for his ability to play the game and his accomplishments …..48 million-dollar lifetime total…..and counting. …..AND that doesn't count any other winnings from cash games nobody has any idea of. I would not even consider bluffing the man. Negreanu's ability to make spot-on reads is just too damn uncanny. End of story

  7. paused the video for the first time! I think once he checks the turn with the bdfd coming in he is not really repping anything anymore on the river – I think this should be a pure give up spot for Winter on the river, every sizing looks like a bluff, there is no shot he would check KT on the turn if he actually had it makes no sense to do so

  8. I don’t get why having a heart changes anything. Would you shove and then show the Th or 8h?

  9. I'd bluff with a medium size, targeting hands like KQ maybe weak AX certainly JT. Our line is consistent with having a decent AX and a lot of Daniel's hands that can call against a good AX probably need to call against the more polar sizes anyway since he shouldn't have many nut hands given the limp pre. Also Repping the backdoor flush is tough because A) some of those would have fired a 2nd barrel on the turn B) Without any hearts we not only unblock Daniel's flushes we also unblock pair + a heart which are likely Daniel's best bluff catchers.

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