DEEP Stacked Tournament ADJUSTMENTS!

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Many tournament poker players are fairly confident when playing short stacked but I have noticed lots of my students struggle when they are playing deep stacked in a tournament. In this live poker webinar I am going to take you through some of my best adjustments to make when playing deep stacked tournament poker!

The starting point for any poker strategy should be with your ranges. The ranges of poker hands that you play from each position can change drastically depending on your stack depth. Hands that you might open from the cut-off when you are playing 100bb will be very different to a 15bb raising range.

Playing deep stacked tournament is extremely fun but does require you to have a solid thought process and strategy. There will be much more post-flop playability and more opportunities to raise and play aggressively.

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DEEP Stacked Tournament ADJUSTMENTS!

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  1. 45:42
    Wondering why does the 75bb sheet want you to bet bigger (dark red?) about 1/4 of the time with J5s but not A5s, whether it has something to do with blocking your opponent's continuing range as he will have less Ax in his range able to continue vs a big bet since u block some Ax?

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