10 thoughts on “Early Stages MTT – Poker School Online Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells

  1. Got a question ( about the 77 hand in UTG2 ) . When opponent raises your set , on that board, isnt it possible for him to have something like A8 (top pair) ? If he has top pair with A kicker he might want to make "defending raise" because he is afraid from all the draws on the board. Besides that he called a raise from CO position and A8 is in his range for sure. Please comment of what u think ! Thank you !

  2. Your 3 bet size with the J-9s hand bad. Min 3 bet into potentially 3 opponents? Really? Maybe its 2 years ago tho.

  3. what is this bullbad playing deepr then everyone else. We wanna see playing the same stacks not trying to get an edge tourney. this is retarded people don't get in these kidn of situations to triple buyin often.

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