[THT Texas Holdem] $100k Play Money Sit And Go – Played Twice – Played Well, But Lost!

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Sup Family, this for my THT Texas Holdem poker strategy fans, I really tried my best to play THT perfectly, and I did play the game and system perfectly but in both games we played we got robbed by first going all in with AA to lose to a lousy 88 and then the second game, we came up and had labeled everyone at the table perfectly, we got KK and went all in against a Manic, he called, and this other Pro called with AA and beat both of us. Sucks!

But just in case you’re wondering how to play the THT Texas Holdem system here are the rules for online and live casino poker:


Tier 2: AX Suited, Any Two Suited Connectors, Pairs of 22-10’s.

Can Bet 4X The BB and Call Up To 4X the Bet In Front Of You Preflop, On The Flop If You Improve You Can Bet 50% of the Pot, On The Turn You Bet 60% If You Improve Or Still Have The Best Hand, And 70% Of The Pot On The River If You Improve Or Still Have The Best Hand.

Tier 3: Any Two Suited Cards – Can Bet 3X BB and Call 3X The Bet Preflop, If You Improve On The Flop You Bet 50%, 60% On Turn And 70% on River Just Like In Tier 2, Only If Improving Or Still Have The Best Hand.

This game we played was a $100k SNG play money game with the same value of playing a $100 buy-in cash game.

We lost. Sorry guys, but I tried to come up and we got nailed.

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[THT Texas Holdem] $100k Play Money Sit And Go – Played Twice – Played Well, But Lost!

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