HELLMUTH vs NEGREANU | VALUE BET or BLUFF?! in the High Stakes Duel

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This hand was a memorable moment in the High Stakes Duel between Daniel Negreanu & Phil Hellmuth. After seeing what Daniel Negreanu called him with, Hellmuth went off on one of his classic rants only to be handed a box of tissues to ‘wipe away his tears’. Hellmuth proceeded to throw them over his shoulder and almost break part of the beautiful PokerGO studio!

Do you think Phil Hellmuth was going for a value bet or bluff on the river?

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HELLMUTH vs NEGREANU | VALUE BET or BLUFF?! in the High Stakes Duel

10 thoughts on “HELLMUTH vs NEGREANU | VALUE BET or BLUFF?! in the High Stakes Duel

  1. I think it's important to note the combo Phil chose to try and get thin value with. My turn calling range consists of a K, a T, a 3, flush and/or straight draws. He has TWO jacks blocking QJ, and more importantly, the Jack of hearts blocking a big part of the range of flush draws. He is also blocking JT which calls preflop and would continue on the turn.

    He is blocking a significant percentage of the range he beats which makes my range more heavily weighted towards hands that beat him. He is supposed to check this hand on the river, no question about it. He instead chose a blocking bet from fear. He is afraid that if he checks, he will face a big river bet. He shouldn't be concerned with this, though, as I will never bet a Ten, and he blocks a huge chunk of my bluffs! Versus a large river bet, he can safely fold and save the 4400 he donated.

  2. For the first question I think you have to call the flop c-bet. Depends upon how often you think Hellmuth is cbetting, but I don't think you can be folding top pair heads up to a normal-size cbet. Perhaps there will be more aggression on later streets, but we're in position so I think it shouldn't be too hard to deal with.

  3. Call. Top pair but still wary of heart draw. Not sure a shove right now is the best play. Happy to see the turn and make a more informed decision then

  4. No draws besides a 2 outer straight. It's a clear call. I'd be forced to call down small bets all the way to the river too. With top pair i just want to go to showdown cheap.

  5. I agree very easy decisions for the K9s throughout the hand. Also agree that Hellmuth was certainly putting Daniel on a ten.

  6. Being in position and having a top pair with a marginal kicker I think this is a call.

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