He’s A SAVAGE For This After A $240,000 WIN! #shorts

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Eric Persson and Mr. Dr.Batman had been needling each other all night during a high stakes poker cash game on Hustler Casino Live. But when Persson turns the nuts, Mr. Dr.Batman chooses the wrong time to jam all-in, leading to Persson snap calling and uttering the now infamous line “I don’t have good sportsmanship” & “welcome to the big leagues kid.” The rivalry between these two poker players continues to live on.

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He’s A SAVAGE For This After A $240,000 WIN! #shorts

6 thoughts on “He’s A SAVAGE For This After A $240,000 WIN! #shorts

  1. Do you think Eric Persson’s large personality is good or bad for poker? 🤨

  2. Person is bad but Mr/Dr is the worst. This was a great hand that highlights is horrible play.

  3. A lot of people probably don't know from this video. DrBatman felted another player holding AA and told him to pick a card (like a tiny Hallmark card). Guy that got felted opened it and read it out loud. It said something like "sorry for your loss". DrBatman was needling on a whole new level. So when Perssons felted HIM, he pretty much needled him harder about needling the other dude. I normally don't like Perssons, but Perssons did the right thing needling dude back….

  4. Why all in, you only get called by better, even ace maybe won't fold, so what he put him on ace and tried to make him fold and why Ben calling with A5s it plays bad in multiway je should be 3 betting

  5. I like Eric and he’s actually a decent dude and a real man’s man he has good manners and actually gives a fk about being a good dude.

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