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Weekly Poker Hand #343: Two of the games greatest go head to head on the new series of High Stakes Poker: Tom Dwan vs Bryn Kenney. ⁣

Bryn Kenney manages to turn the nuts against Tom Dwan and plays it perfectly by just check/calling but then he gets one of the worst river cards imaginable, can he still get paid? ⁣

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10 thoughts on “HIGH STAKES POKER | DWAN clashes with KENNEY

  1. What would YOU do with 6♥ 2♥ on the flop?

    Your Stack (CO): $223,000

    Their Stacks (BTN, SB, BB, LJ): $187,000, $210,400, $335,800, $490,600

    Pot: $25,800

    Board: 2♣ 9♠ 4♥

    SB checks, BB checks, LJ checks

    A) Check

    B) Bet $10,000

    C) Bet $20,000

    D) Bet $30,000

  2. On flop I would probably habitually check but after thinking about it a bit betting like 20k makes way more sense

  3. You are so badly wrong about Q2 being supposed to call here. Tom bets close to 3/4 pot into 4 opponents. To stop him being able to run over the table, they will cumulatively need to call or raise about 60% of the time. This implies that each player should fold something like 80% of their holdings to this bet.

    Tom's range should have Rick beat here often enough that he should have a close but standard fold even if Bryn had not called. When
    Bryn calls though, his range dominates bottom pair heavily. He should be calling with pairs, 53, A3 and A5 only. If he folds some 2s (as he should in theory) this range just trashes Q2. Overcalling here is a giant, giant mistake.

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