5 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategies ” LIVE PLAY” with M.M. 2/22/2021

  1. Nice change up. Only thing I don’t like about the 3U4D is it can be a rabbit hole on steroids 🤪 Good to be cautious with the $5base+$1bets. But even then, last time I used it, I was so deep down a rabbit hole, when I got back to base, I was still in a deep hole 😳

  2. Yeah, U3D4 is very powerful (aggressive) when things are going well. But there are always trade offs to any tweak we make to our MM methods. You saw how quickly you got up to $95 in practice play where all units were $5. For REAL money play I think you should stick to $5 base bets with Up $3 and Down $4 unless you are feelin really frisky.

    The way you played in practice play would still be LESS risky than D'Alembert using $25 units the whole way.

    Sooner or later you're gonna bump into a deep rabbit hole excursion. Not a question of IF, but WHEN. Hopefully not in the near future. When it does happen you don't want to be caught with your pants down playing something that is super risky.

  3. Hmm, maybe I'll have to change my mind about what I said lol. I just played 38 hands at Monte Carlo doing this system and same betting. It was dragging along (or so I thought), until I realized I was up +40 units lol. I kind of miss the old 3 and out. And the money management with the $5/$1 actually worked out pretty good…this time 🙂

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