How to adjust to aggressive opponents | Online poker-Cash game strategy

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Drawing on a hand I played in a high stakes online cash game, I break down how to adjust to aggressive opponents. This hand comes from a short handed game and involves a blind vs. blind battle.

A simple adjustment is to lower your raise size which takes away the power of the 3-bet from your opponent. It also allows you to call more raises in position.

Things get interesting in this hand when I flop a monster. Should I trap or confuse him with a raise? Drop me your thoughts in a comment, and I hope you enjoy this Hand of the Day.

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How to adjust to aggressive opponents | Online poker-Cash game strategy

10 thoughts on “How to adjust to aggressive opponents | Online poker-Cash game strategy

  1. Since you've caught on to him 3 betting Continuously I would call because more then likely he's behind

  2. I could see him jamming the river with a busted straight like QJs or QJo or any middle to low pairs 22-66

  3. Unless the villain donk jams river, your strategy won’t work. Say, he got QJ for open-ended, you give him a great price to make his hand. On the river he can check fold. So you will actually get waaay less value here compared to bigger sizings on the turn.

  4. he does not have too many 10s in his range, there is a very little possibility that this flop made his hand better, may be 2 9s or Ace 10 of clubs, and if he has one of these he already deserves my whole stack…he is just c-betting, any re-raise he will fold, so I'd just call and hoping him to raise again after turn…

  5. I am going to call. Even if he has 99, I have top pair. I don’t think he would 3-bet with 9To, and there are no 9Ts available. I will let him lead and hopefully make a mistake.

  6. In this case, with you KNOWING that he 3-bets a lot, I would raise here but something like $230-$260 essentially inviting him to step on the gas and into a trap.

  7. Against a super Agro opponent I’d say just call because the odds are much higher he will keep barrelling and build that pot for you

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