The $66 craps strategy Submitted by a subscriber

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The video went a little long that means a long roll at the end This strategy works really good thank you Anthony for submitting it he submitted it on the Anything craps face book group. If you haven’t joined join up. You can submit your own strategy if you want or make your own video. You can post anything you want on there

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The $66 craps strategy Submitted by a subscriber

6 thoughts on “The $66 craps strategy Submitted by a subscriber

  1. I would like to see how this would work if you added a $2 crap and a $1 eleven to each roll

  2. Thanks Larry and Anthony, this would be a great warm table strategy, a good hot table strategy and a bad cold table strategy. So, a handy strategy to have in your toolbox when you are at a table where most shooters are hitting 3 plus inside numbers. Any repeat hits in the first three hits, increases its value considerably. Cheers

  3. Thank you. It does relay on getting those 3 hits.
    I press a slightly different way and have posted a video on the Facebook group. But I like the pressing of the number hit. Normal I press 1 unit across each time.
    The downside is you have to hit the number twice. If you hit 3 different numbers you still have 24 invested.
    All methods are only as good as the dice on the day

  4. Just run the first shooter with an even press across the inside and was up. $185.
    I will update with the rest later.

    Update. I have run all the way through and ended up with $738 in total by press each of the inside by one unit.

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