How to Consistently Chip Up in Poker Tournaments – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little

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Chipping up in tournaments is important! In this webinar, you will learn how to chip up more and build a big stack!

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How to Consistently Chip Up in Poker Tournaments – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little

9 thoughts on “How to Consistently Chip Up in Poker Tournaments – A Little Coffee with Jonathan Little

  1. At what point were you going to say how to chip up which is the title of the video? 30 minutes in youve said absolutely nothing.

  2. Bro would you just talk about chipping up and nor your theories on life philosophies

  3. For decades I have worked and lived with people who talk and act like they know it all.
    JL has never come across like that to me- I think I know what you mean but your mistaking something.
    He communicates on pretty high level- and clearly that level is just still above your head.
    Go listen to someone who does not know it all then- that’s brilliant.

  4. On variance: First time I EVER played poker after watching WPT I played a freeroll with 6000 people. I ended up winning first place, and $200. Two days later the same site had another freeroll, this time with 10 000 people since it was a Saturday. I ended up 7, winning $10. I figured it didn't seem all that hard so I deposited $500 for maximum bonus on a PartyPoker skin and got enrolled in a freeroll for new players that ran once a month. I played against 400 or so, and I ended up winning it for $1000.
    Yeah, that's how ridiculous it can be. Don't worry though, I ran equally bad later on for a lot, lot more…

  5. I intentionally click on "Poker Coaching" but am overwhelmed with the need to criticize the instructor. Oh wait, that would be stupid.

  6. Going all in as a bluff, into a dry side pot is a very advanced move. We're chopping for 0. Villains will see strength and fold. And then you can go for the suckout against the guy who was already all in.

  7. how do you defend big stack in tournaments? i always have a big ol stack then it just gets confusing and i become too call happy bravado style

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