How To CRUSH the MICRO STAKES With Alex Fitzgerald – Part 1

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Over at our coach Alex ‘Assassinato’ Fitzgerald has recently produced a course on How To Crush The Micro Stakes. This is part 1 of a 3 part series that covers one of the tournaments he ended up winning.

The format of this course is to engage in ‘Active Learning’ by asking you, the viewer, exactly what you would do in certain situations and then finding out Alex’s move and his reasoning behind each one.

Be sure to let us know what you would have done in each situation and see how many you can correctly answer over the 3 part series!

Good luck!

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How To CRUSH the MICRO STAKES With Alex Fitzgerald – Part 1

10 thoughts on “How To CRUSH the MICRO STAKES With Alex Fitzgerald – Part 1

  1. Hand 1

    What would YOU do with 6♦5♠ preflop?

    Blinds: 2,000/4,000/500(Ante)

    Your Stack (BB): 245,000

    Their Stacks (MP, LJ, BTN, SB):

    295k & 206k & 238k & 197k

    Pot: 40,000

    MP raises to 8,000, LJ, BTN & SB call

    A) Fold

    B) Call

    C) Raise to …?

    Hand 2

    What would YOU do with A♠ J♦ preflop?

    Blinds: 2,000/4,000/500(Ante)

    Your Stack (SB): 242,500

    Their Stacks (BB & UTG): 243,375 & 197,878

    Pot: 18,000

    UTG raises to 8,000

    A) Fold

    B) Call

    C) Raise to …?

  2. 56o is never a fold when getting 10/1 on a call, unconnected unsuited junk gets folded 100% though but through the connectivity of this hand, I can't believe this is a fold, at worst it's breakeven.

    AJo – I can get behind a fold here, I would prefer a 3bet or fold strategy in the SB but due to the lack of dead money in the pot (where we are then 3betting 100%) and the fact this is an UTG raiser, I can believe a fold is correct.

  3. Can’t play micro stakes tournaments on the internet in Florida. Not on a truly trusted site.

  4. Even if I they played face up cards and I saw AA KK QQ JJ, I would still call 10/1 this must be a joke folding

  5. uhhh….this guys advice was to fold? Sorry but this video was absolutely useless for anyone who wants to win.

  6. It usually takes about 8 hours of watching videos to hear assassinato say “fold pre” twice. I guess the takeaway is don’t bleed chips in marginal spots, a full 180 from his usual content (all of which I’ve found to be very helpful).

  7. Good Job Jonathan, you have a lively debate in the comments about the 56o, I am interested to know what YOU would do?

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