10 thoughts on “HOW to deal with TILT at the Poker Table!! // Poker Vlog #168

  1. I'm at hardrock ๐ŸŽธ; good luck lex, I've been running cold AA lost twice for me ๐Ÿ˜ž

  2. Hey Lex, I highly recommend you putting a win/loss graphic at the end of the video so we can see how much you win or lost easily.

  3. Win a ton of money with set over set and still tilted. I mean I get itโ€™s frustrating that he folded but you still won and didnโ€™t misplay the hand.

  4. Great outro lex. People who donโ€™t follow that gut feeling I think end up losing. It obviously isnโ€™t scientific or mathematic but somehow itโ€™s the truth more often than not

  5. I doubt that guy had a set if I'm hero folding a set on a run out like that I'm showing it .. the flush didn't hit only 45 and jj beat you and 99 and 66 beat him

  6. Did he actually show the set .. I could've said I had a set too and folded I'm just curious

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