HUGE $225,000 Pot vs Tom Dwan – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 03

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We’re back with another hand breakdown from the newest season of High Stakes Poker airing exclusively on PokerGO. This season we battle against Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Patrick Antonius, and Doyle Brunson. In this hand against Tom Dwan we discuss pot odds, ranges, and going with the math in cash games.

0:00 Introduction
0:58 Preflop
4:20 4 Bet Analysis
6:10 Breaking Down Dwan’s Range
12:15 Conclusion

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HUGE $225,000 Pot vs Tom Dwan – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 03

10 thoughts on “HUGE $225,000 Pot vs Tom Dwan – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 03

  1. I ran the numbers in Equilab and I come out with Dwan being ahead 52% vs 48% based on the range you assigned him – Even as high as 55%. While he does have some overpairs here, he never has any under pairs here like 66s-77s, which means you are only beating a segment of his range that is shoving light, like A5s but it is not enough to offset the times you think you are crushed by JJs or QQs here. With pot odds of 43% you are marginally ahead by 2%-5%. If we remove A5s then Dwan is sitting on 60% equity, and you are -3%.

  2. My friend I have a serious question is it ok to talk in a hand in a tournament when heads up

  3. Your knowledge is outstanding, but your camera presence is condescending and you use the word "ok?" far too much.

  4. I'm a low stakes player and in this spot I would have put Tom on JJ+ and AQ+. I thought at the time it was a horrible call an even after your explanation I still think it was a bad call.
    I just see you flipping at best an a huge dog at best.

  5. I would be very much more concerned that Dwan might have 99 and def 1010 in range, putting you on AK or a squeeze and just take it down preflop.
    Along with JJ and qq
    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but only getting 1.3-1 on a call means you need to be right and ahead 70 percent of the time for it to be plus e.v.???

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