Israel’s Secret Weapon

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Israel’s unchecked military might is brought under the microscope and its global threat is assessed.
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It’s considered the worst-kept secret in the world, a taboo, but at the same time one of the most compelling means of leverage in the global games of political poker. With the support of Germany, France, Britain and the United States, Israel has risen to be one of the world’s strongest nuclear powers. Analysts estimate the country possesses several hundred nuclear warheads. That’s enough to destroy nearly any target in the world. But no international regulatory agency monitors the program; no nuclear inspector enters the country on regular visits; no treaty regulates the warheads number or strength. The Israeli bomb is an open secret, but an official state secret at the same time. This documentary asks a controversial question: does Israel pose a threat to the West?

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Israel’s Secret Weapon

1 thought on “Israel’s Secret Weapon

  1. If Israel wanted to nuke anybody they would've already done it.Unlike Iran that has consistently said that the first thing they'll do when they get nuclear bombs is destroy Israel.

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