10 thoughts on “Craps System: Alphastorm’s Method

  1. FYI, the best way to determine if strategies are superior to others, is to compare two different strategies on the same board. Track returns based on the same dice rolls. I would love to get a comparison of a lot of strategies over an hour of playing or so.

  2. Good strategy but try betting the pass line and the don't pass instead of risking come out roll

  3. This is basically a slight variation off of the Iron Crapper betting system. The main keys are 2 things – 1. Get past the come out roll because a 7 or 11 whacks the $50 right off the bat and 2. When the point is a 6 or 8 and you have $42 on either then you have $68 risked if the next roll is a 7 so you would then lose $18 for that shooter. Interesting strategy overall though!!

  4. I appreciate you testing this but this is beyond absurd, You hedge your DP with an equal bet on the established point. WHY? This becomes a wash yet you risk the $50 on the come out. SKIP the entire DP/Equal bet on the point nonsense and just place all numbers other than the point. Same exact system without all the foolishness. WOW – this is dumb one.

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  6. pointless to place the point when you have a DP in play. just remove the DP and don't place the point. Simple common sense.

  7. If the only reason to bet the DP is to hedge the point place bet, and the only reason to place bet the point is to hedge the DP bet. Then why bet either of them? Just place bet everything but the point, and get better results by not risking a DP bet on a come out 7 or 11.

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