MrBeast, Ninja, Hellmuth & Dwan – MADNESS At The Poker Tables

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Despite being poker’s best, Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth couldn’t have anticipated the action when they came face-to-face with YouTube and Twitch royalty. MrBeast, Ludwig, and Ninja, GOATs in their own right, made their way to the Hustler Casino in Los Angeles to not just challenge durrrr and the Poker Brat, but to also compete against fellow content creators. Six figure stacks, 7-2 offsuit all-in’s, and even a potential angle, this live stream truly had it all as industries collided.

Maniacal poker players can leave even seasoned pros guessing. When an opponent adopts an aggressive, wild style, lucrative pots can be intimidating as players willing to gamble can be shoving with aces as well as total junk. Maintaining a sound strategy while also adjusting to exploit, were Dwan and Hellmuth able to crush the competition like many predicted?

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MrBeast, Ninja, Hellmuth & Dwan – MADNESS At The Poker Tables

10 thoughts on “MrBeast, Ninja, Hellmuth & Dwan – MADNESS At The Poker Tables

  1. What I find interesting is the attention spans of the younger players, you can certainly see the influence of growing up in an age of social media.

  2. I'm surprised people wanted to see some of these particular hands from this stream and especially the hands… you should've showed the ace 8 jam by Phil the ace 9 to call by Alex it was 26k straddle

  3. Alex was up about 800k lol she had half of her chips loaned out to beast and Alan

  4. Yea if kk jams Phil snaps and maybe even Alex does but she did play a few hands subpar to her and she tightened up so maybe she finds a fold

  5. What's the point of reviewing these hands? Not a single hand was played in a good way.

  6. hellmuth has become distasteful to watch… what is there to learn from him?

  7. half of the table don t know , what they are doing…betsizes are rediculous…funny to watch…poker is not dead, nice to see

  8. people seem to think that your not a real poker player or something the way they talk in chat…

  9. Some people will do this just to show how 'big time' they are. 'hey, I lost $1m last night playing poker'. Some might even be great poker players and deliberately lose in a live game, knowing all their friends will want to play them in private games for the next 5 years 😀😎

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