The Rise & Fall of Phil Ivey’s Poker Millions | High Stakes Poker Strategy

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Phil Ivey’s poker strategy has seen him win millions playing poker, set records and become a target for lawsuits. It’s an epic rag to riches story you can’t afford to miss. Check it out as we share Phil Ivey’s story in this short poker documentary…

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0:15 How Phil Ivey’s poker career got started
3:11 THE FINANCIAL RISE of Phil Ivey’s poker strategy
3:31 Winning his first WSOP bracelet
4:10 Setting records with the Phil Ivey stare
5:34 The DISASTEROUS DOWNFALL of Phil Ivey’s poker millions
6:45 Being accused of cheating by a casino
7:49 A lawsuit against Phil Ivey

This video is about Phil Ivey poker career, including the best and worst moments.

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The Rise & Fall of Phil Ivey’s Poker Millions | High Stakes Poker Strategy

10 thoughts on “The Rise & Fall of Phil Ivey’s Poker Millions | High Stakes Poker Strategy

  1. Here's another professional gamblers story, his profits are massive in comparison to Phil Ivey:

  2. 2011 programs like piosolver became available and the oldschool crushers were overtaken by a new generation and new strategies

    The online game left him behind strategically, his emotional state is maybe 1% responsible for him becoming a losing player online in holden

    He was still a winner online in mixed games I believe, but even there he is considered to be a spot now.

    Online games would build around him today, he would be considered to be the fish at any mid / high stakes online game

  3. Ivey didn’t have a “downfall”, just a rough patch. And his edge sorting was iconic. It was admirable. As for others paying for his buy-in, that happens all the time amongst pros.

  4. 180 thousand dollars a month for alimony that is so loveed up they were only married a few years i can understand paying her 2.2 million because they were married and she has to get something but that should be it and not 180 thousand a month for the rest off her life she is grown woman get a job and support yourself

  5. Greed brought him down like so many before him. He could have drained the casinos for years with his edge sorting partnership on the Bac tables but they had to go full ego and draw attention to themselves.

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