10 thoughts on “Online Poker Strategy Session at Titan Poker | 6-Tabling 50NL (Part 1) | Poker Strategy

  1. this is an extremely effective technique if you can be consistent with it. It's also very tilting for opponents if you always lean towards the longer side of that range. They key is to be consistent.

  2. 1) Range of Opener
    2) Your Position
    3) Whether or not you have any blockers
    4) What type of players are left to act behind you
    5) Whether your opponent thinks you can 3-bet light or not

  3. do you know the diff from wet boards and dry boards as i dont think you do ????

  4. look at the chip box, then go around the clock, thats how u know what seat.

  5. do not blame the sites…blame your government.the sites would love to have US players

  6. What's up man? I had 2 quick questions for you. What do you think/have you heard about the games/software/integrity of the Merge Gaming Network (Carbon Poker,etc.)? Have you always been a resident of Canada, or were you an American horse that moved to Canada after Black Friday?

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  8. 24 minutes video. 6 tables in the beginning each with 50$. The total sum is 300$. In the end: 63+51+52+50+47+36. the sum is 299$.

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