PKO Poker Strategy AMA with Dara O’Kearney

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Dara O’Kearney, the author of the first book on bounty tournaments “PKO Poker Strategy”, answered questions on PKOs and ICM on the UK Poker Room Facebook Page. Here are some of his best answers that might help you with your own progressive knockout tournament game.

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PKO Poker Strategy AMA with Dara O’Kearney

1 thought on “PKO Poker Strategy AMA with Dara O’Kearney

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    00:00:04 Will PKOs become the dominant format in online poker?
    00:00:56 If you only had time to study a few things, what would you study?
    00:02:58 How significant are bounties at different stages of the tournament?
    00:04:19 How much lighter can you call an all-in in a PKO?
    00:05:42 How does the strategy change when two people are all-in ahead of you?
    00:07:05 Should I take more early risks to cover everyone at my table?
    00:08:03 Should you rebuy in PKOs?
    00:09:34 How are PLO PKOs different?
    00:11:12 Is limping a good strategy as the chip leader in PKOs?
    00:12:33 Should you play PKOs/Sats/MTTs on different days because the strategy is so different?
    00:13:43 Is registering the 2nd hand of a PKO a good idea so you can cover most of the table
    00:14:58 Does ICM differ in WSOP events where more people play for the win?
    00:16:51 Should PKOs start with shallower stacks?
    00:18:43 How should you play when you are covered at a final table?
    00:20:40 What are you most proud of with this new book?
    00:22:39 If I come 2nd in a PKO with no bounties did I play it wrong?
    00:24:30 Are online tells a thing?
    00:28:25 Are PKOs like split pot games?

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